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Here at Liberty Bell Moving & Storage we take pride in being Maine’s leader in quality moving services. Ensuring that our customers have a hassle free move by providing the finest labor force and customer service in the industry. We encourage our customers to leave honest reviews of their experience with us. Your feedback is crucial to our success.

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I have moved several times all over the country. Choosing Liberty Bell Moving made this move the easiest by far. The guys showed up promptly at 8 a.m. on a rainy / snowy Sunday morning. Their positive attitude was the motivation we all needed to get the job done. We moved from a home with a spiral staircase to a home with three floors. They made the obstacles seem like nothing. There was no damage and not a single wall had a mark on it. The guys at Liberty Bell Moving were kind and so easy to be around that they actually made moving day fun!

-Jannette P.       5 Star Review


We really enjoyed using Liberty Bell Moving for our move (about 30 miles away). They were extremely responsive to our questions in the beginning. After we received their initial quote for our entire 3 bedroom home (which was over our budget), they helped us figure out how to work within our budget to get the majority of our furniture and the large/heavy items moved. It cut costs significantly! We ended up with 3 movers who were on-time (actually early!), friendly, and easy to have around. They covered all the doorways and wood floors with pads so as not to cause damage or track in mud. They went above and beyond and even helped move in some boxes that weren’t initially on our list at no charge. They were truly great. I really would have given 4.5 stars!

-Libby H.       4 Star Rating


Great service, movers were quick and efficient and I would certainly recommend them to friends.

-Anna S.       5 Star Rating


I’ve never moved with movers before, but my boyfriend and I have terrible joint problems and should not lift heavy things. I did some research and landed on Liberty Bell. We were SO PLEASED. I got a prompt e-mail from the owner Kevin, and the rates were totally reasonable. The movers showed up right when they said they would. They were friendly, efficient, and really knew what they were doing. Nothing was damaged in the move, and they got it all done in basically 3 hours flat. I’ve moved bigger places before with a TEAM of people, and it took all day. Should we ever need to move again, we’ll call Liberty Bell, and I would recommend them to anyone.

-Maria M.       5 Star Review


Quick and easy move!  We booked Liberty Bell about 3 weeks in advance of our cross-state move.  They gave a lower estimate than several other New-England-based and national movers.  They did require a large deposit up front, but amazingly, the final cost did not exceed the estimate!  Not even by a penny.  Liberty Bell charges hourly; the guys were FAST.  They loaded and unloaded our furniture very quickly and made good time on the road.  The crew of three arrived on time and were professional and courteous.  I was a little concerned that items might be damaged or broken, but they took great care and everything came through fine!  Excellent moving experience.

-P. J.       5 Star Reviews


Excellent, friendly service. I was closing a business and needed some equipment picked up, crates built, and delivery set up to accommodate a very tight timeframe I had. They treated me like I was a long term, valued customer!

-Joe G.       5 Star Review


I didn’t know it until later but … choosing Liberty Bell Moving and Storage in Maine for my move was like winning the lottery. After keeping a residence in the City for nearly 30 years I decided to move to Maine and recognized that I couldn’t do the move myself without help. Talking to commercial movers and listening to the wheeling-and-dealng that made my head swim — somehow, someway an idea hit me: why not get a mover from Maine to move me there? I had estimates by other movers from the national best to the what looked like the worst. The bids were all over the map — some pretty unbelievable. The deciding factor came from the reviews posted on the internet. Some of these reviews read like horror stories. Liberty Bell Moving reviews were remarkably positive so I picked them — and man! I’m glad I did. The loaders and movers who packed me up were conversant and respectful. They packed the truck like engineers solving a puzzle making sure not to move furniture and other things while it was raining. I took the insurance package because I had glass, musical instruments, art objects, antiques, and tools — nothing was damaged. The unload in Maine was quick and efficient. I also discovered that Liberty Bell moves people all over, not just to and from Maine. If ever I have to move again, Liberty Bell Moving will be my choice.

-Ralph H.       5 Star Review