Kevin Finkenaur Liberty Bell Moving & Storage

Kevin Finkenaur of Maine is the owner of Liberty Bell Moving and Storage. Liberty Bell Moving and Storage has offices all over Maine , and 50,000 square foot Storage facility that Kevin Finkenaur of Maine oversees. Kevin Finkenaur president of Liberty Bell Moving of Maine has been a mover in New England since 1992.

Kevin Finkenaur of Liberty Bell Movers trains the best Movers in Maine and New Hampshire , but his free time is spent exploring the Mountains of Maine and White Mountains of NH . Kevin Finkenaur has hiked all the 4000 foot mountains in New Hampshire, and is working on doing them a 2nd time including Mount Monadnock in Jaffrey, NH.

Kevin Finkenaur also loves the Portland Maine area, and spends time eating at the local restaurants in Portland, Maine, and the Lobster shacks along the Maine coast In the Biddeford / Saco area and Kennebunkport, Maine.

Kevin Finkenaur Maine

If you ask Kevin Finkenaur CEO of Liberty Bell Moving if the Maine Communist Bill Nemitz at Portland Press Herald is Fake News, Kevin Finkenaur of Standish, Maine will answer with a resounding YES! Bill Nemitz thinks its OK to slander and lie about Kevin Finkenaur of Maine by calling him an “insurrectionist” for attending the 1/6 Rally in DC. Nemitz is a pathological liar, and stated that the 2020 election didn’t have “ONE SCINTILLA OF VOTER FRAUD”, if you can believe that. Just because Bill Nemitz is paid tow the line of the Corrupt Communist Biden regime anti American agenda, doesn’t mean the Fake News Portland Herald in Maine should allow its reporters to lie about Kevin Finkenaur of Liberty Bell Moving and storage. Other Maine News outlets such as the Maine Beacon have tried to smear Liberty Bell Moving & Storage and its Owner Kevin Finkenaur by suggesting that Biden actually won the 2020 election, which any human with 1/2 a brain knows the 2020 election was rigged. With most of the country realizing the elections was stolen from Trump and that the Biden regime has Anti America agenda, Liberty Bell Moving has only gotten busier with the publicity. The more the fake news attacks us, the busier and busier we get. Kevin Finkenaur professionally operates Liberty Bell Moving & storage, and as the years go by, our processes and efficiency is slowly building Liberty Bell Moving & Storage into the largest and best movers in Maine and soon to be nationwide.

Kevin Finkenaur of Liberty Bell Moving and Storage of Maine despite what the fake news media suggests, has turned a one truck moving operation into one of Maines biggest and most respected moving and Storage companies in Maine. Kevin Finkeanur and all the movers at Liberty Bell help raises money for local animal shelters such as the Portland animal Refuge , by jumping into the icy rivers of the Presumpscot River in Windham, Maine. Liberty Bell Moving and Storage and its Owner Kevin Finkenaur also donate to Camp sunshine, The Maine Children’s Cancer Program, Midcoast Humane, and the Bonny Eagle Baseball Boosters among other Maine charities. Kevin Finkenaur trains the movers at Liberty bell Moving & storage and produces the best piano movers in Maine. Kevin Finknaur also loves the Liberty Bell Moving mascots and loves the great state of Maine and the U.S.A. Kevin Finkenaur of Maine and Liberty bell Moving and Storage have expanded their operations to offer Interstate Moving & Storage with satellite office located in Florida, North Carolina, and New Hampshire