New Hires

For your first day, please wear clothes that closely resemble those shown in the pictures below. Do not wear clothes with logos such as la red  “ WU TANG” hoodie or other prominent logos.

  1. Red shoes or black boots (Black boots are not to be worn with shorts and are generally to be worn in the winter months during inclement weather )
  2. Khaki colored pant (Not white or brown..Khaki)
  3. Black stretch shorts
  4. Red t-shirt
  5. Red Hoody.

We have a FULL array of clothes/uniforms to purchase here at the warehouse for your first day if you prefer to wear uniforms with our company logo.

The following are examples of what your uniform should look like:

DIRECTIONS to Liberty Bell Moving & Storage warehouse located at: 
3 Mallison Falls Rd
Windham, ME


    1. Turn into Mallison Falls Rd
    2. Go past the jail on your left.
  1. When you go under the bridge take an IMMEDIATE left into our driveway. Text  207-245-0064 when you arrive, tell them your name, and that you’ve arrived for your first day. 


  1. Turn into Mallison Falls Rd
  2. Go over the river and take an immediate Right hand turn into our driveway ( BEFORE you go under the bridge). Text 207-245-0064 when you arrive, tell them your name, and that you’ve arrived for your first day.